Wells County is more than statistics and figures. Wells County's culture is best experienced by walking through the communities and witnessing the people. Culture in Wells County encourages educational growth and professional pursuits.

To live in Wells County is to come home to a place where one can live, work and grow within a culture that embraces individualism. It is the value of the individual that provides a foundation for effective teamwork. Wells County residents recognize the unique value of each resident and their contributions to the Living Wells culture. Wells County leadership is characterized by a resource network that is readily accessible and eager to provide assistance.

Work and worship are in conjunction and on display through the lives of Wells County residents. Work ethics and moral upstanding are characteristics that are not manufactured but learned through family traditions and legacies.

People who are raised in Wells County are likely to return to the culture that built their strong foundations of education, community and faith. Culture in Wells County thrives on the personal and professional growth of the people that have chosen to live, work and play in a county full of promise, care and support.

Living Wells is all about people helping people succeed in all aspects of life.